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I've seen the impressive collection of classic rock and fine music. Say it ain't so Bob. Please tell me you accidently downloaded it. I think the next time we are at Karaoke you should have to sing that song as punishment.

By the way, like that girl has a shot at Ben. If we are lucky she might get smacked around by Santonio a little.


I refuse to reveal my shameful song love, but I'd like to ask the 'Burghers whether Big Ben has actually been seen in public since his epic face-plant into somebody's windshield. I heard that all his footballin' parts are fine, but his face was pretty torn up. Maybe Stalky McStalker there would think twice if she knew her future husband is doomed to wear an Elephant Man-style mask in public for the rest of his life.


Josh -- here's a photo of Ben from yesterday. This and a few others I've seen indicate that he's almost back to normal, face-wise. However, if you click "next" in that gallery, the next photo does look a little "off."

Given that I've witnessed, first-hand, even the ugliest Steelers getting bj's in public from beautiful women, I'm going to say that Ben will have no problems in that regard.

(Actually, it was only one Steeler -- he was leaning up against a wall outside a strip mall and drinking a Rolling Rock while all this went on.)


I have several Monster Hits From The 80s collections on my iPod, so there is really no telling. Probably "Come On Eileen", but that's just a guess.


That's not so lame. There's an infectious energy to that song. I don't have an ipod but if I did Mmmbop might just be on it.


Thanks for the pointer to the pics, Bob, though I admit that I'm a little dissapointed that the NFL won't have a hideously deformed quarterback, as in the little-known Hunchback of Notre Dame sequel, the Hunchback of the University of Notre Dame.

Big Ben has the sort of odd look of someone who's had too much plastic surgery. Normally that "too much" look can be seen on sixtysomething actors and actresses who refuse to acknowledge the passing of time (seen Kenny Rogers lately?). I suppose in his case "too much" is actually "just right", but I digress.

Oh, and it's Helen Reddy, OK? Helen Reddy. There, I said it.

Library Cat

"I Think I Love You" by David Cassidy. Do I win anything for all this shame?


I haven't got any embarrassing songs on my playlist, because I refuse to be embarrassed by things that I like. I suppose Natasha Bedingfield's "These Words" is the song I'd be most likely to be shamed by, were I to be so shamed.

As for Mmmbop, it now has, I think, just the right level of energy and retro cred to be officially "ironically cool". So listen with pride, O you hipsters of the world!

Frank Lefkin

The most embarrassing tune on my ipod has to be True by Spandau Ballet. The 80's answer to If by Bread. What was I thinking?


The absolutely most gawdawful song on my iPod is Neil Young's "Albuquerque," guaranteed to make any Albuquerquean absolutely livid.

there are NO good songs about Albuquerque, as far as I know, but that's the worstest worst.

Also. A very good argument against talking lots of drugs whilst in the sound studio.

Later, Neil would recover.


Here are the choices:

Boogie Oogie Oogie by Grammy Award winning A Taste Of Honey
A Fifth Of Beethoven
Cry by Godley & Creme

That should be enough public humiliation.

Mountain Mama

My shame is that I have no ipod. There. *sniff*

But what I really wanted to say was, was that Mary Worth/Art Frahm mockup really necessary? Brain bleach, anyone?


Unfortunately, I think (and Mr. SubD would probably agree) that I have too many songs on my ipod that would be considered shameful. It certainly is an ecletic mix for sure.


I saw Ben a couple of weeks ago, and he "looks" fine. Great surgery is you ask me.

Embarrassing? I have C.W. McCall's "Convoy." On the album even, not the single.


Manilow. Time in New England. And. Even Now. Nuff said.

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